Maybe the biggest problem people have achieving their dreams is not that they don't know how, but rather that they have pushed their dreams down so far inside that they can't even remember what they are anymore.


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February 23, 2019 in Brentwood, Tennessee, we have a special surprise coming! We have lined up two more fantastic speakers to join us for a special one day "ROCK YOUR MINDSET" event! If you are looking for new ideas, ways to breakthrough challenges, and help with overcoming poor thinking, you will not want to miss this first ever seminar. Be watching for us to announce the other speakers and more details!

Rock the Dream 6 Week Course

Rock the Dream 6 Week Course - October 21st through December 2nd CLASS FULL

Thank you so much for your interest in the Rock the Dream 6 Week Course! The next available Rock the Dream 6 Week Course will begin in early 2019. 

About the course.

So many people are looking for answers to help them grow their business and achieve goals, but many times they feel stuck, even though they are doing everything “right”. We will go beyond just another “how to” and help people deal with the root causes of why people get stuck in the first place. We will discuss topics like: -The power of our thoughts to create positive and negative results, and how to break the cycles of anxiety. -The difference between a dream and THE DREAM, and how understanding it will resolve much of the fear that holds you back. -The cost of living AND not living the THE DREAM. -Prevalent fear programs in our minds and how to discover and overcome them. -Your personality's limitations and proper role in your life. -And much more. People must realize their unlimited potential in order to achieve their greatest dreams. Our online training course is designed to be fun and to inspire, but more than that, it is all about truly uncovering the things that hold us back so that we can be free to dream, and to Rock the Dream.

"Tim and Michelle have a way of connecting with you at a personal level and giving real life practical advice that will move your mindset forward.

The ideas and information set forth in this course are life and business changing. 

If you truly want to Rock the Dream taking this course is a must."

-Steven W.

Rock the Dream Course Installment Plan

Installment Plan Now Available

You can now pay for your Rock the Dream Course in two installments of $74.50 each. The First payment will be taken immediately upon checkout, and the second will be automatically charged to your debit or credit card one month from the date you make your initial purchase. Click the "Buy Now" button below to set up your installment plan and start your Rock the Dream Course! 


A Recent Rock the Dream event!

Rock the Dream Indiana 2.0 LIVE EVENT

SOLD OUT! Wow, the response was amazing! We enjoyed seeing everyone! The event was held at the Chateau Thomas Winery near Indianapolis, Indiana. It was a full house and the response was incredible! You can see some of the wine barrels in the pictures below.

The 6 week course that we offer covers the content that we bring in our in person events, and more! We love doing both the online and in person events.

Rock the Dream Testimonials



Book the 6 week online training and receive one free personal coaching session.

About Us


We always believed we could do something great together. We had no clue what that would be or how it would look, but our core principles guided us along the way. 


We discovered that behind everything we ever desired for ourselves, whether it was to have a family, go on a mission trip, or build a business, there was a sense of something bigger; a meaning and a purpose. THE DREAM was more than just a dream.


We invite you to discover for yourself what that thing is that has the power to keep you up at night, and wake you early in the morning; to make you save every penny, or spend your last dime; cause you travel to the ends of the earth, or even risk your life. We invite you on a journey to discover the real you that is hidden behind the misunderstandings, failures, and fears, and to feel the power and freedom of THE DREAM. 

"I can't tell you how beneficial this has been to me!"

I have been thru three trainings & one coaching call & I can't tell you how beneficial this has been to me! The timing has seemed to be perfect for some things I am facing personally & in my business. We have addressed where we are now, what holds us back & what is ahead as far as our dreams & vision. We have been given very applicable advice & received encouragement from everyone participating & I can't wait to see how the next three weeks unfold!

-Shelley B., Illinois

"Wow, wow, wow!"

Wow, wow, wow! Three weeks in and I am loving this course. Thank you so much Timothy and Michelle!

-Tracie G., Tennessee

"I am being challenged in areas that I didn't even realize existed."

Timothy and Michelle Thomas I can not thank y’all enough for this 6 week course!! I am being challenged in areas that I didn’t even realize existed. Digging deep and discovering what needs to be peeled away so I can be the best version of me thanks to you two!!

-Denise C., Louisiana

"Breakthroughs happened today!"

"I'm still soaking it all in! Breakthroughs happened today! No doubt! Looking forward to utilizing the knowledge they provided us. If you have an opportunity to attend one of their #RockTheDream events GO! If you have an opportunity to host them in your city, DO IT! Don't wait for someone to hold your hand, take charge and make it happen! No excuses! 

Thank you Tim & Michelle from the very bottom of my heart! And thank you to all of those that helped make this possible! What an amazing experience!!" 

-Kelcie Q., Minnesota


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